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We know that you are probably wondering what is Craze, or even a smash room, for that matter. A smash room is quite simple--a place that you can go to release your anger and tension in a controlled, judgment free environment. This is a place without consequences and an extremely enjoyable experience to relieve irritation.

Craze was inspired by other smash rooms all across the world, which originally began in the early 2000s in Spain. This innovative way to minimize stress made its way to the United States about a decade later. 

Craze is the first smash room in the Memphis area. It is our sole obligation to provide our customers with the best smashing experience possible. We provide the safety gear that you need and the best part of it all? We clean up for you. Feel free to play some of your most favorite songs while you smash out with Craze. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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